GIFs Capture Spillover of Syrian Civil War
Text by Andrew Nunes

Northeastern University's Storybench
Using GIFs to Tell a Story of Strife & Street Life in Lebanon
Text by Aleszu Bajak

Feature Shoot
Animated GIFs Tell a Story of War & Hope
Text by Ellyn Kail

Tripoli, miroir des jeux politiques du Liban
Text by Virginie Le Borgne

Reading The Pictures
Trump, the Mosul Atrocity, and a GIF That Says it All
Text by Michael Shaw

Al Jazeera
Looking to the future on Syria Street
Text by Olivia Alabaster

Group Study
Syria Street Feature
Text by Evan H. Davis

Electric Objects
Artist Interview Series
Text by EO Staff

How the GIF Is Taking Over the World 
Text by Olivier Laurent

The Best Use Of GIFs In 2015: Brandon Tauszik 
Text by Pete Brook

Huffington Post
Photographer Captures Eye-Opening Gifs 
Text by Aaron Barksdale

Ain't Bad Magazine
Brandon Tauszik's Tapered Throne 
Text by Taylor Kigar

Brandon Tauszik’s Animated Gifs of Oakland Barber Shops 
Text by Jeff Hamada

Northeastern University's Storybench
Using Gifs to Tell The Story of Oakland's Black Barbershops 
Text by Aleszu Bajak

14 GIFs That Perfectly Depict Oakland’s Black Barber Shops 
Text by Gabriel H. Sanchez

Humble Arts Foundation
Oakland's Historically Black Barbershops Using GIFs 
Text by Jon Feinstein

Los Angeles Review of Books, The Offing
Tapered Throne / Bald Fade 
Text by Aricka Foreman

Dazed & Confused Magazine
The Barbershop as a Pillar of Black Communities 
Text by Sooanne Berner

Watch These Subtle, Hypnotic GIF Portraits 
Text by Caleb Pershan

Blunderbuss Magazine
An Intimate Portrait of Oakland’s Barbers via GIFs & Sound 
Text by Amelia Rina

This Week in New Media: Brandon Tauszik 
Text by Jonathan Blaustein

North East of North
The First GIF-based Documentary 
Text by NEoN

You Can Come Here and Be Who You Really Are 
Text by Jordan G. Teicher

High Snobriety
Brandon Tauszik Taps Into Oaklands Barbershops With GIFs 
Text by Jane Fayle

Fisheye Magazine
Ce Project, C'est Un Travail Sur L'Identité 
Text by Marie Moglia

It's Nice That
Brandon Tauszik's Beautifully Subtle Gifs 
Text by Rebecca Fulleylove

GQ Australia
Photographer Captures Exquisite Barber Moments In Gifs 
Text by Jack Phillips

Lola Who
Photographing Tapered Throne with Brandon Tauszik 
Text by Emily Paskevics

Buzzfeed UK
The Quiet Beauty Of The Barbershop Community 
Text by Lynzy Billing

Wine and Bowties
All Night Long 
Text by Will Bundy

Hunger TV
In Focus: Brandon Tauszik 
Text by Katie Bruce

Oakland Gun Violence Without Any Guns or Violence 
Text by Pete Brook

Vision Magazine (China)
White Wax 
Text by Wen Xu

Feature Shoot
Distressing Photos of Oakland's Murder Shrines 
Text by Alison Zavos

VICE Magazine
Documenting Oakland's Murder Shrines 
Text by Megan Lent

Wine and Bowties
White Wax 
Text by Ben DL

Conscientious Magazine
Pray For Mercy 
Text by Joerg Colberg

Following Harold Camping, Facing A Failed Prediction 
Text by Barbara Bradley Hagerty